'I am not Afraid of Storms' Rainbow Embroidery Linen Panel, Annie has long been concerned about the mental health of youngsters & has created this linen embroidery design specifically to raise money for young & vulnerable children who have been affected even more by the Coronavirus pandemic. It is simply heartbreaking to think what young children living in neglect have to go through. Annie has specifically chosen to support the charity Children in Action, who help in so many ways from the early years into the early twenties. 'From parenting advice to education & early intervention, we focus on improving children’s life chances.' 25 % of every sale of this panel will be donated to this charity. This is an ongoing plan to help, not just during the pandemic.


Made from a luxuriously soft linen panel, this pre-printed pattern comes without instructions so the finished product will be completely unique to you. Suitable for hand or machine embroidery, the end result can be framed in a hoop or in a traditional style frame & hung on the wall, or turned into a patchwork bag or cushion.

The linen pattern is around 25 cm square, fitting a 6 inch loop or 6 inch aperture mount.

By Annie Morris, Kingsbirdge, South Devon.

'I am not Afraid of Storms' Rainbow Embroidery Linen Panel